Shipping Phyto Extractions – Buy Shatter Strains Online Special Offer

Shipping Phyto Extractions – Buy Shatter Strains Online
Special Offer

Phant extracts

With the experience to produce top quality products and state-of-the-art facilities located in British Columbia, Canada, Phant Extracts has become a leader in the cannabis extract community. Constantly at the forefront of innovation and experience, Phant is continuously launching new varieties every month.

Tested and extracted from the highest quality of plants, Phant is the clean and natural option to medicate your body.

Explore Phant Shatter and Phant Electric Shatter Vape Pens here

The gods' own concentrates

With the exotic infusion of terpene that is produced through a combination of butane extraction and fractional distillation, God's own concentrates have to do with potency and flavor. They believe that the combination of these two extraction methods is the only true way to maintain the specific individual characteristics of the base strains used to make the concentrate, maintaining all the original flavor notes, terpene profiles and personalized high levels provided by each strain.

Take a look at the Gods Own concentrates here.

Sea to heaven

Created by passionate cannabis users who believed there was more to explore and immerse themselves in the complex world of cannabis extracts. Sea to Sky has to do with a high balanced level and this high balanced level is defined as a high level that comes from pure extracts and combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes tested with mastery.

The line of cannabis concentrates from Sea to Sky can be found here

Green gold

Making sure they collect all of their parents' flowers from local producers in the British Columbia region, Green Gold then undergoes a detailed extraction process. Green gold is purged more time than any other extraction company to ensure maximum quality at affordable prices.

Explore the complete Green Gold Cannabis Shatter line here