Shipment Swimsuits 2 pieces – Create a set 10% Off

Shipment Swimsuits 2 pieces – Create a set
10% Off

For years, Roxy's goal has been to help women express their personality through their products, even on the beach! Still fresh, the new trend of 2 piece swimsuits It didn't match it didn't come under our noses. And because Roxy discovered and sailed with the latest feminine fashion, we have assembled a selection of separable two-piece swimsuits to impose her original style on the beaches. Designed to enhance your silhouette and highlight your unique style, the combination swimsuits from the Roxy collection will allow you to create your perfect outfit!

Mix shapes and colors

The Roxy Mix and Match two-piece swimsuit collection is mostly complete, colorful, of all original shapes and prints. So it's time to get rid of the limitations by mixing bold colors with tropical prints or a high waist swimsuit bottom with a bandeau top! Ideal for playing in contrasts, our non-combined swimsuits will give you an original, unique and graphic look for sunbathing on the beaches. But be careful with the lack of taste, you should know how not to combine your swimsuit with 2 pieces. This will avoid mixing the materials.

And as we know very well, it is important to adapt your 2-piece swimsuit to your morphology. But don't panic, Roxy once again thinks of women with her wide range of shapes and models of two-piece swimsuits that don't match. Create your own swimsuit, choose, look, compare and delete your personal selection on your website and finally find the perfect combination!

Buy our two-piece swimsuits for women that don't match

Create and buy your own 2-piece swimsuit without delay by paying by credit card, paypal or secure payment and find all our cheap non-matching swimsuits in the "tips" section of our site.

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