Dispatch Sale of peyote cookies from Barney's farm Code

Dispatch Sale of peyote cookies from Barney's farm

Peyote Cookies

Peyote Cookies

Peyote Cookies it's a hybrid Indicates 95% developed by Barney & # 39; s Farm and now available in Alchimia as feminized cannabis seeds.

Encounter between Barney's Kush biscuits and # 39; s Farm and the variety Peyote PurpleFamous for its abundant resin production, Peyote Cookies is a hardy and easy to grow plant.

Rarely over a meter high, it completes its flowering in 49 to 55 days for a yield of up to 550 to 600gr / m2 in indoor cannabis cultivation.

Their heavy heads will make use of tutors Highly recommended, that you can bend the branches under your weight. In addition to its large number of trichomes, Peyote Cookies flowers are also characterized by their purple – reddish colors At the end of flowering.

Mildew resistantIt will bloom indoors and outdoors, where we can harvest it in September in the northern hemisphere.

Its aroma is dominated by an aroma of guava enriched with notes of vanilla and coffee, while its effect is relaxing and lasting.

Characteristics of Barney & # 39; s Farm Peyote cookies:

  • Genetics: Peyote Purple x Cookies Kush
  • Type: feminized seeds
  • 5% Sativa – 95% Indica
  • Flowering: 49-55 days.
  • Outdoor harvest: September
  • Indoor harvest: 550-600gr / m2
  • Outdoor harvest: 500-550 gr / plant.
  • Interior height: 100 cm.