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Herb Scout is marijuana a flower

We all know the word marijuana. We use marijuana in many forms. It is used in medicine to heal people due to certain diseases, it is also used as a spiritual cure. Apart from this, people use it for recreational purposes. We have been using it for centuries, but there is confusion if marijuana is a flower or not. There are so many answers to this question. Some people say it's a flower, others say it's a flowering plant. There is no definitive answer to this question. Marijuana has many names. It is commonly known as weed, Mary Jane and Ganja.

Herb Scout is marijuana a flower

So, what is the verdict?

If we want to have an absolute answer, we need to take a look at the anatomy and some history of this plant. Having said that some people say it is a plant, so when we classify it as a plant, it is made up of tissues, roots, stems, leaves and flowers. Each part of a plant plays its role in the development.

Tissues are one of the important parts of any plant, not just marijuana. It consists of cells, which are duplicated by the process and help the plant to expand and grow. If the plant has been in a good and healthy climate, there is more chance that the plant will grow perfect, be fresh and live. It is not likely that marijuana plants will be seen in the soil. They are deeply rooted in the ground. All we can see is half the plant. Their roots grow as fast as the plant and the roots try to find a place underground. That's why the roots expand and can be considered equal to the marijuana plant. If the marijuana plant is in a fertile soil, the roots will help absorb the water, it will also help the plant to survive as long as possible. Apart from this, stems and leaves are as important as other parts of this plant. However, one of the main parts of this plant are flowers. Without flowers there can be no reproduction system. The absence of the flower can lead to a system where there is no reproduction, since the flowers are the real organs of reproduction. This was the anatomy of the marijuana plant. Looking at the anatomy of marijuana we can say that it is a plant. This plant has been serving people for a long time. It's been decades when people started using it to cure people of fatal diseases. It has also been used in many religions and is also mentioned by many religions. In addition to this, marijuana has also been used in industries such as fiber and clothing. Hemp is another name for marijuana, which is used to make oil known as hemp oil and milk known as hemp milk. The plant is also used in prepared tea. It can be vaporized and used also for recreational purposes.